The Advantages of Our Network

From our fee-based structure to our partner approach, our network of solution providers enables you to build sales using qualified leads. 


Qualified Lead Generation

Our exclusive network’s opportunity pipeline is nurtured using an aggressive marketing research budget, front-end qualified lead dialogue, and fully qualified opportunity analysis.

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More Lead Generation

We Partner with Your Sales Team & Dealers

Our partnership approach leads to productive collaboration and stress-free implementation. We complement your sales initiatives, rather than competing with them.  We support your dealer and distributor networks by fully qualifying the leads before you pass them on.  Your dealers know there is real opportunity behind each lead MMS provides.

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We Partner with Your Sales Team

Crucial Reporting and Communications

Each of our exclusive solution partners get trip reports, opportunity updates, and advanced notice of our monthly travel schedule.

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Crucial Reporting and Communications

On-Site and Virtual Visits

The MMS team performs our solutions process with the customer, setting up the qualified opportunities so you can provide a quote.

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On-Site and Virtual Visits-full

Our Process

Qualify the opportunity
Qualify the Opportunity
Gather crucial information
Gather Crucial Information
Review Potential Solutions
Review Potential Solutions
Loop in your team resources
Loop in Your Team Resources
Onsite or virtual visits
Onsite or Virtual Visits
Provide solutions quote
Provide Solutions Quote